Ace Rubbish Removal provides convenient Junk pickup and removal services all across the neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Queens, New York. Our team will carry out all junk pickups from the appointed location on schedule. Our customers do not have to lift a single finger after signing up for garbage removal services with our dependable and experienced Junk removal team members. We can take care of any and all types of items that need to be disposed of but are too large to fit into any Junk bag or disposal bin. We offer upfront pricing for all of our trash and Junk removal related services; there are no hidden fees or costs when you work with Ace! Whether it is your home or business that requires office or residential Junk removed, from outdated computer systems to mounds of yard waste, Ace Rubbish Removal can get the job done. Contact our office today to schedule a free estimate for your garbage removal task. call 718-600-0377 and schedule a free estimate. We even offer Same-day and off-hours service including weekends.

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Ace Rubbish Removal first came into being back in 1987. The founding team was committed to providing affordable and reliable rubbish removal services to residents of the Queens & Brooklyn boroughs of New York.

Ace Rubbish Removal expanded its services to offer more than rubbish removal and began offering residential demolition services as well as special hoarder cleanout services.
Charitable Donation Program
In the spirit of community service, Ace Rubbish Removal started a charitable donation program under its removal and cleanout programs. Any items that are discarded by clients yet can be used by the needy or the more deserving will be put in the charitable donation pile.  All customers receive a receipt for their charitable donation for tax filing purposes.
Exclusive Services
Seeing the massive construction activity in the boroughs, Ace Rubbish Removal started offering exclusive Construction Zone-only rubbish removal services for builders and developers.


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  • "We are all constructed out of our self dialogue."


    I was in a terrible situation and needed the garage to rid of junk within 24 hours. Ace Rubbish Removal’s team came to the rescue with a reasonable estimate on their Same-Day Rubbish Removal service. Their experienced team cleared out that stuffy garage in no time!

  • "Create with the heart; build with the mind."


    Ace Rubbish Removal’s cleaning team was a life-saver after the death of my great-aunt Ruth! With only a few days in town after the funeral, I was stumped about who to call to help clear out her things. The team was efficient, orderly yet compassionate throughout the entire clearing out process. They helped turn a potentially very sad and difficult moment into a quickly-accomplished task.

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